Review of the Slot Machine, “Reel Spooky King Megaways”

Fans of the original Reel King will be pleased to know that he has returned in the online slot game Reel Spooky King Megaways by Inspired Gaming. The title alludes to a Reel King Halloween makeover, but we all know that it won’t be that scary. All sorts of concerns are brought up by the Reel King franchise, such as why the King has been recast as a pale-faced vampire in a slot based on a rather uncommon (but increasing) seasonal event. It’s best to go with the flow rather than question the status quo sometimes.

If you look at the payout schedule, it’s easy to see that Inspired just recycled the formula from their last Halloween game, Reel King Megaways. The only changes are a lower return to player and a change in overall tone. First things first: the theme is Halloween-y, but in a charming Reel King sort of manner. Full moon illuminates a scary home on a hillside decorated with skulls, pumpkins, and specters. The Halloween-themed soundtrack in Reel Spooky King Megaways is one of the game’s biggest shocks. The music is epic and fits the mood well, but some players may be surprised to hear it in a Reel King game.The standard Megaways layout with six reels and up to seven symbols per reel, plus an additional reel with four symbols, is used. This structure provides up to 117,649 possible winning permutations. The theoretical return value of the game is 95.56%, which is medium-volatile but somewhat lower than the last Megaways game the Reel King was in. All devices are supported, and customers may place wagers ranging from 20 pence to £/€20 every spin.

To win, you need to get identical symbols on neighboring reels, beginning on the leftmost reel. If you get six of a type of the cauldron, you get 50 times your wager. The royal flush pays out at 10 times your wager. In the main game and free spins, the witch hat wilds that occur on the upper four cells of the reel can substitute for any other pay symbol.

Slot Features in Reel Fearsome Megaways

Cascades, illuminated reels, the Reel Spooky King Feature, free spins, and the spin chance are all still there in Reel Spooky King Megaways.


Each winning combination contributes to a win chain reaction that continues until the game ends or the free spins feature ends. When a player hits a winning combination, the winning symbols vanish and are replaced by symbols falling from above. As long as there is a string of successes, the cascade will continue. The bonus round concludes when no fresh wins are revealed.

‘Dings’: A Lit Reel

A ‘ding’ sound is made as reels 0-6 flash yellow from left to right in the default setting. With each new cascade, one more reel becomes illuminated in yellow, and when all six reels are illuminated in yellow, the Reel King bonus round is triggered. The Spooky King feature is activated by one or more cascades, while the Super King feature is activated by a cascade of seven or more.

Featurette Reel King

When the Reel King, Super King, or Spooky King bonus is activated, one, two, or six additional mini-slots appear above the reels. Paying pumpkin symbols or blanks appear on the one payline of each mini slot. All three reels of a mini slot machine must be illuminated for the player to advance along a Free Spins Trail. Mini slots with less than three illuminated reels vanish after a lost spin. When no more mini-slots are visible, the feature will terminate. If this occurs while in a free spins position, the Reel Spooky King Free Spins bonus will begin.

Players can opt to bet their winnings on a wheel with red and green segments before their free spins begin. Free spins are increased (up to a maximum of 25) if the player lands on a green segment, while they are decreased (in rare circumstances to zero) if the player lands on a red segment.

Ghostly King Slot Machine Bonus Spins

In the event of a successful cascade during free spins, the win multiplier rises by 1. Each cascade also causes the leftmost reel to become red, followed by the next reel to the left, and so on. As long as any red reels are showing, the amount of free spins will rise by 1, 2, or 3, and the current multiplier will increase by 0, 1, or 3.

Toss the Dice

If your balance drops below the current spin cost but is still more than zero, the Spin Chance feature will activate automatically. It allows you to do one last yolo spin with your current balance and wager. When the button is pressed, a wheel spins, and the action begins if you answered yes. If you don’t win, the game will eat your money.

Slot Review: Reel Scary King Megaways

From a financial perspective, it makes sense to create a Halloween clone so as to capitalize on a well-known brand and earn a profit. Given that Halloween isn’t nearly as widespread in Europe as it is in North America, this is an intriguing option. The internet and the American kids who dress up to show the rest of the world how to grab free sweets may have stoked the fire of curiosity. It’s possible that in the future, with Europe’s greater left-leaning, socialist mentality, Halloween will become even more popular there than in the United States. So the old adage goes.

Finally, we have Reel Spooky King Megaways, which is just Reel King Megaways with a few spooky twists. Instead of the usual King stuff, there is now a Halloween theme. The old Reel King Megaways looked like a video slot machine in a bar, but the new design is a far cry from that. I guess for some folks that was part of the allure. Some gamers may also be put off by the fact that they can’t turn off the music without turning off every sound in the game. Either you listen to the music with the bleeps, or you don’t. It’s only a little annoyance, but the music distracts from the illusion that you’re listening to an old favorite at a dive bar. Turning off the volume will stop the ‘dings’ from occurring.

Another negative aspect is a lower RTP of 95.56%, down from 96.23% in the last version. It’s a setback that, although frustrating, is probably not big enough to fully turn off the intended audience. OK, so what do you have to say about it? Except for the annoying decrease in payout and the theme change, playing Reel Spooky King Megaway is identical to playing the previous Megaways game. You know that fans of retro-style gaming would enjoy anything featuring the Reel King, but you still have to wonder how they’ll react to this. It’s refreshing to watch the King explore new artistic territory, but will listeners be put off by the shift in tone and style? It’s fascinating to see. What’s next on the Reel King’s road to self-improvement after Megaways and Halloween?






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